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Co-program coordinator / VISUAL Design & choreography

Originally from Pennsylvania, Joshua has spent the last ten years cultivating his musical and creative lifestyle in Gainesville, Florida. Graduating from his alma mater in 2009, Joshua has since worked diligently to help progress the arts and participating ensembles to a successful future. 

On the football field, Joshua has served marching bands and drum corps in various capacities for 9 years. He has enjoyed playing multiple roles for ensembles, including serving as both a brass/visual caption head, body movement choreographer, program coordinator, consultant, as well as being an actively sought clinician and judge. As an instrumentalist himself, he has always sought to pursue and craft the most musical interpretation of the visual program...fusing musical creativity and visual artistry to deliver the best of both worlds. 

Joshua's artistic talents extend into the indoor arena as well. Early on, he began and continues to guide younger programs to become strong competitors at WGI's and local circuits highest levels. In 2016 Joshua was part of a team that established a new Independent A class percussion ensemble based out of Gainesville, FL under the moniker "Unity Percussion". In their inaugural year they enjoyed a top ten finish at WGI Finals, and in 2017 were the FFCC Independent A Gold Medalist and claimed the Bronze Medal and WGI Fan Favorite award in WGI Finals. Most recently they capped off the 2018 season with a silver medal in Dayton. Joshua designs and consults for multiple scholastic and independent groups in the WGI community. With the inclusion of the WGI Winds activity, Joshua has been lucky to contribute to the newest faction of WGI since its inaugural season, playing a heavy hand in the training, design, and nurturing of newly formed groups as they compete in WGI's youngest venue.