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Jeff dixon

Administrative Assistant / battery technician

Jeff began his teaching career right out of high school where he took on a tenor tech position at St. Augustine High School under the direction of Doug and Laura Beard. He went on to teach at various Volusia county schools, and eventually found a home at East Ridge High School for two years. Although it was short lived, he had the opportunity to work with amazing students where he developed some of the closest relationships in his teaching profession with students and parents alike. In 2010, Jeff marched with Infinity Percussion on tenors, and traveled to Dayton, Ohio, to make finals at WGI Championships. In 2013, Jeff fulfilled the role of percussion caption head at the Sun Devils Drum Corps where they earned third place in percussion at championships. Continuing in 2014, the group earned second place in percussion at championships. Simultaneously, he helped lead the WGI finalist group, Ancient City Ensemble, for two years as Ensemble Director. Jeff graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelors in marketing, and currently works as a sales representative at Waste Management.