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Jason nunes

VISUAL Design / staging

Jason “Paco” Nunes currently resides in Florida, where he began his drum corps career with the Magic of Orlando (2003-2004). After finishing his performing career with The Cadets (2005-2006), he went on to continue his teaching career while building a thriving show design and drill-writing company.  In the recent past, he has worked with the Boston Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps (2010/2012), STRYKE Percussion/Wind ensembles(2008-2016), Nease Indoor Percussion (2014-2016), as well as numerous other high school and independent groups through the fall and winter seasons. Jason is currently the percussion visual coordinator for the Bluecoats in his second year with the marching ensemble. He is also an advocate and constant participant of the WGI, BOA, SFWGA, FFCC and FMBC circuits at home and through the country.